Race Rules and Conditions


Pin one number on the rear of the jersey, and one number on the left side of the jersey.


Fields ≥ 8 riders – Prizes will be awarded to the top 5 riders.
Fields < 8 riders – Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 riders

Sign on

Riders are required to do Sign-on on Day 1 Saturday at Landowne Reserve from 7.45am. Registration Area is restricted to RIDERS only. Participation and J9 are permitted to have ONE guardian to accompany the rider.

  • Proceed to Registration Area
  • Use the use the sanitiser on the desk.
  • Please give your name to Registration staff
  • Please pick up the Registration Pack (which includes race numbers, pins and transponder) with your Race number on it.
  • Your name will be ticked off by the Registration staff.


Please return the transponder to the Registration Area and place it in an assigned bucket “Returned Transponders”. Failure to do so could result in suspension of licence.

Roll out

There will be NO Roll-out and Helmet Check prior to the race. However, the Roll-out equipment will be available for use. There will be random Helmet Check.
Riders placing 1st to 5th will be required to report for roll-out at the end of the race. Rider is required to execute the roll-out under the supervision of an Official / Commissaire. J9 and J11 riders are permitted to ONE guardian to execute the rollout. Failure to do roll-out may face relegation.

For more information on Roll-out Limit and Equipment Restrictions, Please check out Cycling Australia Technical Regulations.
J9 – 5.5m
J11 – 5.5m
J13 -5.5m
J15 – 6m
J17 – 7m

Warm Up

  • No warm-up will be allowed until Commissaires and First Aid are on site.
  • No warm-up will be allowed on the course while racing is in progress.


Marshalling area is restricted to Commissaires and riders only, except for participation, J9 and J11 riders where ONE guardian per rider is allowed.

Racing Rules

  • Some races for the individual grades will be held at the same time. Please take care when passing slower riders / grades.
  • All participating riders have an equal responsibility to ensure they take adequate care by adhering to the rules and conditions imposed by officials and Commissaires.
  • If the rider is not able to finish a Stage in the tour for some reasons. He or she will be allocated the TIME of the last finishing rider plus 60 seconds.
  • Day 2 Road racing is held on an OPEN road. Competitors shall remain at all times on the correct side of the roadway and follow all road rules. When warming up on the road, riders are reminded to keep well to the left and check behind before turning.

Lapped Riders

Due to time constraints and safety concerns, lapped riders may be asked to retire from the race. Places will be awarded on the position held at the time of withdrawal.


  • A spares vehicle, with 1 driver and 1 assistant/mechanic, will be following the main bunch for J15 and J17 races. No spares car will be available for J13 races.
  • Please note that only OFFICIAL vehicles are allowed in the convoy. Unauthorised vehicles following the race will result in disqualification of rider.
  • There will be an allocated drop off zone for spare wheels prior to the J15 and J17 races.


  • Lansdowne Reserve parking – Please park in the infield of the reserve.
  • Oakville circuit parking – Please park at the side of the roads EXCEPT signposted NO PARKING signs. Please do not block the driveway of the residences.
  • Oakville Public School Carpark is for OFFICIALS and COMM only.


Warm pre-packed food, sausage, bacon and eggs from the BBQ will be served.


Toilets are available in the Lansdowne Reserve and Oakville Public School. Please keep them clean.

Spectator area

Spectators are advised to stand behind the barriers, observing social distancing.

Presentation and Podium

There will be multiple presentations in this event.